Our integrated medium-light metal fabrication services

Officine G.S.P. offers its customers a complete and integrated service, ranging from the initial design to the shipment of the finished materials.

Our Technical Department carries out all our in-house design, in close collaboration with the Production Department, while listening carefully to the specific needs of each customer.

We can work on designs provided directly by the customer or develop the projects completely in-house.

Every idea and project is the result of the experience and the deep know-how gained by Officine G.S.P. over the years, always in tune with the needs of our customers.

Officine G.S.P. also offers a range of related services to deliver the best possible products to our customers in the best possible way.

Our assembly and shipping services are supported by our own logistics and transport management departments, thus ensuring a complete and efficient service in all its parts.

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Full service:
consultancy, industrialization, customization, storage, international shipping

1: Personalized consultancy

A Technical Department at our customers’ side

For every type of request, we offer the right advice for the specific sector of activity of our customer to provide effective and functional solutions.

2: Product industrialization

Guarantee of repeatability and product quality

We carry out specific analyses to ensure that each unit produced meets the same high standards and maintains such standards over time.

3: Rapid sampling

Sampling order

Our method allows us to handle sample orders with very short turnaround times, even when highly complex.

4: External processing

Products complete with additional treatments and processes

  • Liquid and epoxy powder coating and painting
  • Hot and electrolytic galvanizing
  • Cataphoresis
  • Polishings and buffing
  • Other aesthetic or mechanical finishings

5: Packaging and storage

Complete management of the required parts

We take care of your products. Using streamlined and careful procedures, we offer safe packaging and storage of components in secure areas.

6: Customized packaging

Tailor-made, with assembly kit and instructions

We provide tailor-made packaging according to our customers’ requirements. The packaging can be integrated with assembly kits and instructions, to better meet the needs of the end user.

7: Assembling

Drawing of assemblies or kits

We carry out the assembly of groups or kits following specific drawings, using specialized workstations and work lines, ready for a wide range of assembly types and methods.

8: Warehouse picking

Warehouse stock and Lean management

We carry out our warehouse pickups based on the timescales and requirements of our customers, adapting to various processes such as “Milk Run” or “Just in Time” to maximize our efficiency, as described in our Method.

9: Data integration and management

Synergy with the customers’ own IT systems

We integrate and manage data in synergy with our customers’ own IT systems, ensuring the clear and error-free flow of information for an optimized service.

10: Personalized and reliable shipments

Customised national and international deliveries

We organize and carry out shipments to specific national and international destinations, as requested by our customers, using our own vehicles or other reliable and qualified carriers.

11: On-demand traceability

Control and transparency over every component

When required, we guarantee the traceability of every single piece, to offer transparency and control over each component.

12: Dimensional certificate

Detailed comparison with the original technical drawing

We can supply our products complete with a traditional dimensional certificate, obtained using either quality controls or with a 3D measuring arm, when requested, comparing our finished products with their original technical drawings.

Discover all our capabilities

We use state-of-the-art laser machines that guarantee precise and clean cuts on a range of materials.
We use advanced technologies to create holes or shapes on sheet metal, ensuring high-quality and precise punching.
We use both manual and robotic systems to bend and form sheet metal into specific shapes, ensuring precise and repeatable bends and folds.
Our manual and robotic TIG and MIG welding and brazing stations guarantee high quality and robust welding and brazing.
We carry out shearing and cold press forming of sheet metal in our own press department.
We offer metalworking services for a wide range of industries. We are able to supply finished products on contract.