Care for the environment

Aware of the importance and fundamental role played by environmental protection and sustainable development, in 2013 we decided to install a company-wide photovoltaic energy generation plant. From the moment of its installation until today, Officine G.S.P. has avoided the emission of over 350 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

We also continue our commitment to the environment. Our purchase of new plants is always informed by considerations regarding energy savings and the reduction of our environmental impact during production.
As a Company, we have long adopted a policy of education towards eco-sustainability: this is a behaviour that we consider essential for our personnel and that allows us to reduce waste, all the way from the industrialisation of our production processes to the sorting of waste fractions for separate collection.

Our business choices have greatly improved the health and safety of our workplace, for example by improving lighting and air quality by means of innovative low-energy systems.