Laser cutting

High performance
for effective and precise metal laser cutting service

To respond to the simple and complex requests of the Customer who are seeking for a metal laser cutting service, Officine G.S.P. boasts the presence of two laser systems with a maximum working range of 4000x2000, completely innovative and automated, which allow us to reach the highest efficiency in loading and unloading phase, giving us the possibility to work large series in unmanned shift.
Even within this department, the "green" policy of our company has left its mark, in fact our laser cutting machines are equipped with a fiber source. This fundamental aspect has allowed us to continue working the sheet with greater speed and flexibility, lowering energy consumption and standard maintenance and, moreover, widening the range of materials that can be cut.

A department supported by a technical office that, with its experience and professionalism, designs and industrialises - through two-dimensional and three-dimensional systems - the shape that will then be used to develop the Customer's projects; moreover - in hidden time - the technical office is also able to offer a customized service for creating ideal cutting programs, to satisfy all requests with quality and lowering production costs.