Sheet metal laser cutting: precision and innovation in metalwork

Effective and personalized responses for all customer needs

Advanced technology for laser cutting of metals

Officine G.S.P. offers an innovative sheet metal laser cutting service using a range of laser cutting machines at the forefront of technology to meet our customers’ demands for quality and punctuality.

All our machines are integrated with automated loading and unloading systems to ensure continued production even during automated, non-staffed shifts.

Officine G.S.P. employs three sheet metal laser cutting systems for maximum loading and unloading efficiency. These automated systems can operate in non-staffed mode to manufacture pieces in large series, and meet both simple and complex requests with the maximum effectiveness.

Our laser cutting department is complemented by other combined shearing and punching systems.

Sustainability and efficiency

Our “green” company policy is particularly present in this department. Our fiber lasers allow us to process sheet metal faster and more flexibly, reducing energy consumption and routine maintenance while widening the range of materials that can be cut.

Specialized technical support for contract laser cutting

An expert technical office supports this department to design and industrialize the shape and the procedures necessary to develop our customers’ projects, using 2D and 3D systems. In addition our technical office is able to create ideal cutting and shearing schedules in parallel time, ensuring quality and reducing production costs.

Safe shipments
throughout Italy and abroad

Officine G.S.P. is a metalworking and fabrication company located in Pordenone, Italy, providing sheet metal working services throughout Italy and abroad.

We carry out bespoke national and international deliveries, using our own vehicles or reliable and qualified carriers. Discover all our services.

Discover all our capabilities

We use state-of-the-art laser machines that guarantee precise and clean cuts on a range of materials.
We use advanced technologies to create holes or shapes on sheet metal, ensuring high-quality and precise punching.
We use both manual and robotic systems to bend and form sheet metal into specific shapes, ensuring precise and repeatable bends and folds.
Our manual and robotic TIG and MIG welding and brazing stations guarantee high quality and robust welding and brazing.
We carry out shearing and cold press forming of sheet metal in our own press department.
We offer metalworking services for a wide range of industries. We are able to supply finished products on contract.