Combined laser cutting and punching machine

Four different technologies in one single, high-performance machine

When manufacturing parts including shaping, repetitive internal geometries, and specific exterior profiles requiring smooth edges, the punching process must be combined with laser cutting. For this reason, and to provide a quality answer to our Customers’ requirement, Officine G.S.P. has invested in an innovative combined laser cutting and punching system, an extraordinary machine combining together four different technologies: punching, forming, marking and laser cutting. Our new plant works together with our automated COMBO FMS warehouse, connected to the LSR loading and stacking system for loading, centring and unloading operations, and is controlled by an advanced automation system for unstaffed production, providing enhanced flexibility and increased productivity. Using CAD/CAM systems, our experienced operators can choose to palletize larger products via the LSR system, in parallel with the production time, or unload smaller products onto different palletizing addresses in the lower section of the machine. Using this plant, we have been able to eliminate most of the secondary machining operations that were previously required after laser cutting. We can also guarantee improved quality and repeatability within large batches, as well as shorter production lead times.