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In our continuous quest for excellence, we have developed a Lean method to manage orders and ensure efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction at every stage of the process. Discover how we turn each request into a successful product.

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A lean approach for optimized order management

1: First contact with the customer

Request for a quotation and estimate

The customer begins their collaboration with us by sending us a detailed request for quotation. This request will include all the information and documents, such as 3D drawings and PDFs, necessary for an accurate technical and financial evaluation.

2: Order management

Production order

This process is fully dedicated to production. We are able to handle both scheduled orders and closed orders.

Sampling order

This agile process allows us to handle sample orders quickly even when highly complex.

3: Optimization and communication

Pre-series and industrial productions

To optimise costs and processing, we produce pre-series in anticipation of future large-scale production.

We are able to maintain smooth communication with our customers and use their dedicated portals. You can download and place orders independently, make order confirmations, move deliveries forward or postpone them, reducing delivery times.

4: Consultancy

Consultancy and support

Our Technical Department supports our customers with personalized advice, offering efficient and functional solutions for each specific sector of application.

This applies to both sampling and pre-series.

5: Analysis

Preliminary analysis

Our advanced technical team uses CAD-CAM/3D tools to analyse each project.

We assess the best solution, the technical, aesthetic and economic production variables, as well as any production changes suggested by the sampling run carried out in advance as a check of the actual production run.

6: Industrialization

Product industrialization

Industrialization ensures that every unit produced meets the same high standards. Following the analysis, we can guarantee the repeatability and quality of the final product. Using advanced methods and strict controls, we ensure that each product conforms to our customers’ expectations and maintains consistency of quality over time.

7: Lean programming


Thanks to our management system, we are able to constantly monitor the progress of the production flow.

Kanban system

We adjust our workflow based on real demand, not mere forecasts. By using visual cues, we can ensure production efficiency, flexibility, stock reduction and continuous improvement.

8: Production

Structure and technology

With over 50 operators and 12,000 sqm of production area, we are equipped with the most advanced technologies to guarantee high quality results for each type of work.

Additional operations and processes

Thanks to selected and qualified partners, we can handle a wide range of additional processes, including powder coating, high temperature coating, liquid painting, galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, cataphoresis, mechanical processing and more.

9: Logistics

Milk Run

Based on bespoke supply contracts with our customers, we can enact a customised warehouse management to enable a Milk Run system, reducing transportation costs, shortening wait times, and ensuring timely delivery by optimizing the inventory


Order management with kit deliveries

The components needed for a particular product or process are pre-packaged in a “Kit”, ensuring that everything you need is available at the right time. This method improves customer satisfaction.

10: Stock on hand

Buffer stock in our 3000 sqm warehouse for supply contracts

We service our supply contracts by retaining in our large warehouse a sufficient stock of materials, so as to ensure competitiveness in our service also when our customers’ markets are experiencing periods of supply and demand variations. 3000 square meters of our production facilities are allocated for the storage of materials.

11: Shipping

Customized shipping

Our shipping procedures are defined together with our customers, based on their specific requirements.

Our own fleet of vehicles

To streamline our deliveries, our transport fleet includes four covered vehicles, with lengths up to 9 metres.

12: Commitment to Quality

Certifications and qualifications

We have a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001.

Our team includes six EN ISO 9606-1-qualified welders.


We prepare the inspection report during the first production or sampling stages.


At our customers’ request, we can provide traceability of materials.

13: Personalized payment management

Payment plans

Every customer is unique. That’s why we offer customized payment plans, suitable for different needs.